Sortable Contacts Display

This is a sortable display where a user can either select to filter by State and can sort by either ID, First Name, Last Name or State when they click the link in the column heading.




IDFirst NameLast NameEmailPhoneStateDescription
1 Bob Smith 123-4567 WA My long lost friend
2 Sally Smith 333-4545 OR Good old friend from High School
3 Mike Philips 888-6677 ID Buddy from work
4 Tracy Williams 999-4411 AZ Classmate from dental school
5 Connie Price 223-5555 WA Friend I met traveling in Europe
6 Eddie Aikau 804-3ll0 HI Quicksilver Eddie Aikau Invitational
7 John Avery 747-1920 MO My hiking and biking buddy
8 David Jones 656-2234 CO Skiing contact for Colorado
9 Frank Purvis 344-9797 CA My professional adviso
10 Donna Eckland 575-7654 WY Girlfriend from college
11 Mary Brown 215-5096 OR Our interior decorator
12 Eric Waterkotte 425-1372 WA A cool surfer dude


SQL Query: SELECT * FROM contacts